Dear 16-Year-Old Me,

I Don’t think Teenagers heed advice, but I’ll tell you this much and I truly hope you pay attention. Your Family is not trying to fight you they want what’s best for you, just listen.

Friends come and go but your real friends are there for you no matter what how stupid or defensive you get they’re not afraid to tell you that this grumpy phase you’re into is irritable, but they will always love you no matter what.  

Relax life is not a competition or a race, it doesn’t matter if you reach your goal tomorrow or in the next decade. Remember, that if it’s meant to be it will be and I know you have a tendency of learning things the hard way but trust me when I tell you that this has become one of your best qualities. It made you strong enough to pick yourself up, to trust your instincts and to simply follow your heart.

Babe when you want something so badly you kind of ruin it before it begins. By overthinking about it, expecting way too much, fantasizing, imagining the best or the worst, worrying way too much, and over doubting it. Trust me, just let it naturally evolve.

Relax enjoy the ride, remember breathless moments, be around the ones that you love and enjoy every moment with them. Life is too short, enjoy it with no judgements and remember no matter what people tell you about your kindness don’t ever question it. That’s because it’s one of your beautiful features and it made you who you are today. A talented, determined, smart, adventurous and a warm-hearted person.

Accept criticism when it comes to your behavior, that’s because there’s always a chance for improvements. Criticism doesn’t mean that others are trying to control who you are they just want what’s best for you.

Life will throw you a series of curve balls but remember always have faith that no matter how hard it is you will get through it in the end. Remember what your parents taught you always try your best to pick yourself up and show these struggles who’s boss.




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