A Stranger’s Opinion

A Stranger’s Opinion

“Never let opinions from strangers affect you.”

I was trying to decide what movie to watch on a lazy, unproductive day. That suddenly turned into the strangest day of my entire life because of a stranger’s mean invalid and unwanted opinion of me. It was one of those lazy relaxing days till I received an E-Mail from a stranger that claimed to be a fan of my blog posts. 

At first, I was ecstatic and it honestly made my day because someone told me that they enjoyed reading my blog posts. I felt the need to connect with this stranger because I thought that it would help me grow, write better and understand what my readers are looking for. I had this adrenalin rush that finally I‘d be able to write more on different topics or experiences.

In a glimpse of an eye, my excitement and energy suddenly went downhill because of his fancy choice of aggressive hateful words. “You’re stupid, I can tell that you are a dumb stupid girl.” “Are you absolutely sure you’re 26 years old? I can’t believe it, you’re so stupid and you’re immature I’m just being honest.” “Oh by the way, you’re English is horrible you need some serious help.”   

Wait, what? 

What just happened, I’m shocked, expressionless and mind blown at the same time. Of course I didn’t reply but how can you tell that I’m all of what you stated if we never had a decent conversation. Ignorance is a bill, don’t get me wrong, I accept criticism loud and clear and I believe it helps writers grow. This wasn’t criticism though this was pure evil, hate and anger this incident or situation is making me wonder why people feel like they have the right to attack others with their hateful words. I’m just wondering does this make them feel better later on, or what is their aim behind all of this I’d really like to understand. 

What gives such people the right to bring others down? 

Truthfully speaking, I feel like I unintentionally gave that stranger the chance to be my highest and lowest points of the day without even releasing it till it’s too late. The point of what I’m trying to say is that as individuals we shouldn’t allow others to hurt us with their unnecessary hateful words. No matter who that person is if his or her words is going to bother or irritate you then remember ignorance is a bliss.  

“Remember, kindness in words, creates confidence. Kindness in thinking create profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”

“The words you speak becomes the house you live in.”

“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.”

“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that bring peace.”  

Blog Comments

Did it really happen to you??
I still can’t believe this!!….. 😳

it truly did but it’s okay because life makes you meet and talk to all types of people.

That’s an awkward experience of life..
But yeah, that’s also right… ☺☺

One more question I wanted to ask..
Those lines written in bold letters. Are they originally by you?……

Hi Kaby,

the lines that are in bold are quotes and sayings by famous writers or artists.

Ohh okay.
I thought they’re by you.
Thank you for telling!.. ☺❤

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