A Ticking Bomb

A Ticking Bomb

“But there I sat motionless, somber, silent, unable to speak.”

When people talk about human needs they often mention things like air, water, food, shelter, clothing, safety and sleep. What about the ability to express oneself, isn’t that important?

If someone takes away your right to state or say something that you basically wanted to say in a situation. Don’t they take away apart of who you are?

It’s something so simple but yet it’s the cause of many judgements, fear, misunderstandings, neglect and self-destructions. Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say. All of this because of the biggest disease I’ve ever known it’s even the deadliest of all times. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the disease of what will people say. In my opinion, it’s the cause of every unwanted major arguments in almost every household.

I don’t understand why can’t this ever be a peaceful debate?

It’s like at some point of our lives we accept defeat and we make this unfair decision that it’s unsafe for us to speak our minds. Let me put it to you this way, usually when people withdraw from a debatable argument they do it purposely because their trying to protect themselves from getting hurt. Children grow up with house rules, right?

As long as they play by those house rules their safe. Teens on the other hand are identified with their challenging rocky questions and if they are silenced and unheard we take away their ability to speak their truth. This is what it feels like when your unable to express your opinion it’s like your prisoned in your own mindset. This caged or prisoned mindset will always create a fearful, annoying voice that tells you it’s better to withdraw and remain silent in rough situations because speaking up might hurt you or hurt others and you’ll regret it later. I’m not valid and this doesn’t matter anymore such comments turn into your attitude and you turn into a ticking bomb, waiting for the ultimate corruptive explosion.

Our body can tell us so much about our current state if we just allow our body the opportunity to do so. For instance, let’s say that I’m feeling overwhelmed and super frustrated because I have a lot to do and no one is bothered to help me out. I might end up being totally drained and exhausted, but I’ll call it laziness. I won’t accept the fact that my body is providing me with important information that I can’t handle all off these tasks alone it’s telling me such information for my wellbeing. Why do people always like to complicate things?

The ability to speak up and be heard is your inherent birthright. You are not meant to live in a caged or a prisoned or a silenced mindset. You are meant to be living as expressively as a young child. The spirit, of a child, still lives in every single one of us.  It wants to come out and play. Open the gate through the beauty and the power of your own thoughts, expressions and voice. Let or allow yourself to be heard and listened to again.

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Beautifully expressed the reality, unable to speak what we want will kill us but yes as you said by practicing we can win it .

Thank you and I’m glad that you agree with me thank you for passing by.

Very thought provoking post and I agree with you bonnie aspect. Fear of what will people say isnthe downfall or stagnancy in so many lives. Thanks for sharing and motivating❤

Wow thank you so much for your support it means a lot to me 💕…

This is wonderfully written down. Here’s a tip, not everyone will listen. So you have to find those few, who do. And if there’s still something to be said to people, then you can always come back and put it in writing.

Thanks for real this means a lot to me and exactly I totally agree with what you stated…♡

It’s my pleasure 🎈

Profound post. And true that speaking up is what we all should do.

Keep writing. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

Wow thank you I’m really glad you liked it…♡ I will thank you for your support.

superb post Shaikha..Loved every word! Every word is so true!!❤️

Thank you so much you made my day♡…

People don’t understand this do they ?
Awesome post .. need more posts like this 😊

Thank you I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my post.♡♡

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