It was a beautiful sunny day, I was standing outside in the cold weather starring at the birds. I was feeling uneasy, hurt, sad and kinda uncomfortable. Suddenly, I remembered that birds fly because they give up everything that weighs them down.

You said that life is all about give and take, well you took all of me and you gave me doubt, guilt, false hope, hesitation and uncertainty. I truly sympathize, but blaming others to flatter your own ego will eventually destroy you.

You want to have it all but you don't want to give back. You want respect, love, trust, happiness ,blessings and endless opportunities. While you threw away respect, stepped all over the people that loved and cherished you the most.

Disrespected trust, questioned and complained about your beautiful blessings, and you always shutdown the door of endless amazing opportunities while holding on and stepping into the world of darkness. Well sweetie take a look in the mirror is this who you truly want to be?

Stop it with all the shade, you need to be more appreciative towards life itself. If you want to be respected, simply respect others. If you want to be loved, be loyal genuine honest, humble and stay true.

If you want to be trusted, show them you're worthy of that because trust is earned when actions meet words. If you want to be happy be optimistic and live each day as it comes with a new beginning and your blessings will come during your journey.

Be thankful for what you have and new opportunities will rise. It's simple treat people the way you wish to be treated. It's all about balance between the process of give and take. At the end of the day, trust me when I say that  you get what you give.

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