Live for the moments that you can't put into words.
Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 22 September 2018
A Ticking Bomb

  “But there I sat motionless, somber, silent, unable to speak.” When people talk about human needs they often mention things like air, water, food, shelter, clothing, safety and sleep. What about the ability to express oneself, isn’t that important? If someone takes away your...

Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 08 September 2018
The Planner

  It’s 4 AM in the morning and I can’t seem to sleep. Lately, my mind has failed me, I can’t seem to get out of this blankness. My family and my friends always describe me as a goal oriented person. A person who’s always...

Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 30 May 2018
Cyber Bully

“A Keyboard away doesn’t make it okay.” I wonder why are you hiding behind a keyboard? I Have no Idea About Your Gender, What You Look Like, Where You’re From? Your Race, Your Morals, Your Beliefs, Your Religion or Your Ideas about Humanity.   I’ll tell...

Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 11 March 2018
I Can’t Stand It

  "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will." There are times in life when you suddenly feel as though you’ve gone off course. Your missing something, somethings not right but you can’t seem to figure that out. For the life of you, you can’t...

Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 29 January 2018
Self Acceptance

"Some people, pass through our lives for a  season to teach us lessons that could never be learned if they stayed." We have all faced a situation where we lost or we let go of something or someone who was somehow important to us. Speaking from...

Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 01 January 2018
New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year everyone may this new upcoming year be filled with happiness, adventures, success endless love, and peace. To everyone who doubted me thank you, you truly made me value and appreciate the fact that I have my own beautiful mindset. To everyone who...

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