When it comes to you, I had a choice to make either stay and remain miserable, bullied, hurt and desperately waiting for your approval because to you I was never good enough for anything not alone your standards.

To you I was nothing but a doormat, a source of entrainment a chance for you to get away when your bored. What's the point of patience when I gave you my world and you gave me broken, empty promises, sleepless nights and a wonder less mind.

So I chose to walk away broken empty but somehow relieved I know longer wonder because I could see the real you.  Your kindness was washed away with hate, negativity, sorrow, heartaches and neglect.

I tried to save you from drowning but I'm not a good swimmer so I had to let go and let you be.

I chose to walk away because I refuse to be an option because I am a priority. I chose to walkaway because you made me feel worthless ugly and unwanted. When I'm beautiful in every way  and I deserve to be happy and free, instead of being locked into your not good enough cage.

I walked away because I deserve to be accepted as who I am but not by your perception of me. I walked away with my head held high knowing that I'll get what I deserve.


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Last pharagraph show how strong personality you are, who believe in own and love to move on own ideals!!

Thank you it means a lot to me and I truly hope you enjoyed reading my blog posts ღ…

Definitely a lovely blog and wish to read regularly!!

I’m glad to hear that you truly made my day ღ…

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