Walking through the crowded streets of the city I took a long deep breath and I took a sip of my coffee. I'm nervous, scared and I have never felt so alone in my life. Is this how it's suppose to feel while you're on your way to the first day of classes?

This is what I always wanted why am I so nervous?

While I was listening to music I drifted into this world of nervousness and negativity. I was about to cross the road and I noticed a homeless man with an old broken guitar. I stood there for a bit, he suddenly somehow grabbed my attention.

Out of curiosity I took one of my headphones off and his innocent graceful voice made me snap back to reality. "You are not alone I am here with you" as he sang that song with a smile on his face and an attitude of there's no worries in the world. I suddenly felt ungrateful; I truly had nothing to be worried about.

I smiled at him and I thanked god for the life and the opportunities that I had or still have. I then crossed the street and I said to myself today I'm going to make a change. I'll learn how to be grateful and appreciative. I'll forever be thankful for this man because if anything this situation taught me that people should never take anything for granted. We should live life as it is with no complications or attachments because life is truly beautiful as it is.


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