Cyber Bully

Cyber Bully

“A Keyboard away doesn’t make it okay.”

I wonder why are you hiding behind a keyboard?

I Have no Idea About Your Gender, What You Look Like, Where You’re From? Your Race, Your Morals, Your Beliefs, Your Religion or Your Ideas about Humanity.  

I’ll tell you this much you’re assassinating my character, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and I’ll give you time to figure out if your words are getting to me or not. You can’t stop me from dreaming, you can’t stop me from being me, therefore, your attempting viciously to assassinate, eliminate or destroy my character.

Your words are vulgar, full of hate, judgements and rumors. They contain a lot of anger, resentment, lowering, shame and cruelty. It’s okay to dislike me but it doesn’t give you the right to disrespect, degrade, vulgarly insult, threaten or harass me.

Do you really know what I’m all about?

Your words prove otherwise, truly because of their unnecessary strong abusive and hateful vulgar-ness or filthiness.  

What are you trying to accomplish out of this?

You think you got me all figured out, while reality states you know nothing but an untrue idea of me.

I can sense that your trying to make me live uncomfortably, stating that my friends talk behind my back, that I’m low and unworthy and nobody truly likes me. I don’t think we ever had a real face to face conversation as a matter of fact I’m sure, but I’ll tell you this much. Mr. or maybe Miss Cyberbully, your perception of me is truly very unwantedly wrong. I don’t have to clarify myself to you or anybody else that’s because I know who I am, and I know what I want, and I know that judging people is wrong I hate that and I live my life with no judgements what so ever, maybe you could do the same.

I know that my beliefs, and my morals won’t allow me to respond to such hatred accusations. I know where I stand with my family and friends. I wish I knew or I had a clue of why do you carry so much hate and aggressiveness against me and most importantly why are you hiding behind a keyboard?

Hey Cyberbully, blowing out someone else’s candles doesn’t make you shine any brighter. Think before you type because what you’re doing is very wrong and toxic.

“Aggression only moves one direction, it creates more aggression.”

“You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.”

“People who repeatedly attack your confidence and self-esteem are quite aware of your potential, even if you are not.”

Cyber Bullying or Bullying in general is never okay, standup against it.   

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Lovey post babes keep up the good work and be strong or danger will be on you

Hey I’m glad you like it. La inshallah I’ll be okay.

These cyber-bullies are nothing but cowards who neither have the courage nor the ability to present their “opinions” in real life. They find their comfort zone behind that screen and think it’s okay to type whatever they want behind that anonymity they enjoy. But we must stay strong and not let them enjoy our despair. We must show them their “opinions” are nothing more than a spoilt child’s cry.

By the way, I absolutely love the way you write. It has such a nice flow to it. It’s like slam poetry! I love it! Well done! Keep writing! Your words are appreciated by readers like us.

Exactly, your a preach.
Thank you so much you made my day you don’t understand how much this means to me thank you….♡♡♡

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