Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter


I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while but I never had the right words to start it. Since I started blogging I decided to try again and I hope I get it right this time.

In life, I heard a lot of people say “maybe that’s all we’ll ever be an incomplete sentence, a half-written story. Finished, without an ending.” It makes me wonder why do some people give someone they love or care about or cherish so much power over their own lives.

A kind of power that could make you or break you. It made me question the importance of closure does it really get you anywhere when you get it. Or is it all really related to the power of forgiveness. The real question remains, do you really need closure in order to move on or is that just an excuse that people use when their stuck on a certain feeling.

You see closure is the act of bringing an unpleasant situation, time or experience to an end, so that you are able to move on or begin something new. What happens if you don’t get this closure or the answer that you’re looking for from that particular person who hurt you? Sometimes people don’t get closure they just move on or act like they are moving on to simply get through this pain that they are going through.

However, I truly believe that you don’t need answers or explanations to find closure. I feel like no matter how hard or what exactly was the loss, the closure comes within it comes from inside you if you just allow yourself the time to heal. Sometimes when you truly stop searching or looking for something it will suddenly come your way. I feel like this is the best way to deal with closure, stop looking for it and it will suddenly find you in the right time and the right moment.

It’s all about the power of forgiveness. Holding grudges doesn’t make you strong it’s extremely toxic and unhealthy. If you truly want to have a peaceful mind and truly move on happily forgive the person that hurt you. Choose to forgive them for you, I know that it’s not easy and if you choose to forgive them you have to truly accept it.

When you reach that point you’ll come to an understanding that you have forgiven them not because what they did was right it’s still completely wrong and unwanted and it caused you pain. When you forgive someone, you choose to forgive the situation not the action that caused you pain to begin with therefore you have decided that your completely over this situation. Learn to let go and forgive others not necessarily because they deserve it but because you deserve peace. In other words, it’s just like the title your mind deserves peace that’s what truly matters.

More importantly, make sure that the people you decide to open up to are worthy of such thing. That’s because If you open up to someone and you don’t like the way they react maybe their unworthy and they don’t deserve your honesty. Make sure you choose wisely because your worthy of that.





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