New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year everyone may this new upcoming year be filled with happiness, adventures, success  endless love, and peace.

To everyone who doubted me thank you, you truly made me value and appreciate the fact that I have my own beautiful mindset.

To everyone who supported me I couldn’t have made it this far without you. Therefore, thank you to all my family and my friends.

The last 2 years have been truly huge game changers in my life. I had the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. Studying abroad made me see and feel the bittersweet taste of independence. This made me appreciate life more, most importantly it made me appreciate the small things that I used to take for granted.  It made me make my own choices and understand the importance of having and being the best version of me.

Meeting new people abroad taught me the true meaning of friendship. When your stuck at a foreign country with a group of people you truly learn what there all about in no time. If you truly want to get to know someone just travel with them and you will get to know what their like because of all the situations that you go through. These situations make you grow closer and they slowly make these people turn into family which is amazingly beautiful. They accept you with all your flaws and they still love you no matter what. If you're having a bad day they try to make it better and they stand by your side no matter what type of situation your into if that doesn’t describe family then I don’t know what does.

Life has it ways of showing you things that you don’t want to see or believe. On 5th of June 2017 Qatar witnessed an ongoing crisis. I don’t want to speak or blog about the reasons behind this but what I’d truly like to talk about is how this affected me emotionally and how it made me value and appreciate the small things in people. It truly made me see the power of a kind word and the powerful outcome it has on people. Suddenly when the crisis started, some of my friends were truly concerned about my future and they were asking me if I was going to travel or cancel my travel plans they all offered a hand to help which made me super grateful. I received a lot of messages through social media asking if I was okay I received some hate too but it didn’t matter. 

Some people decided not to comment or even state what’s going on and some started to crack jokes. This taught me a lesson it taught me that people have their own mindsets and some people just have no clue about the true meaning of morals. It taught me to keep my head high and treat people with respect and to value and respect the people who respect and value me. Not everyone deserves to be respected sometimes if you just want your own peace of mind learn how to ignore arrogant, filthy, disgusting and ungrateful people. Life is beautiful and sometimes ignorance is a bliss.

Make 2018 count, make it the year that you turn your kindness into the most powerful tool you have. Make 2018 the year where you develop yourself, accept yourself, give yourself the time to heal, make new connections and truly get to know who you are and what do you want to achieve once you have that no matter what happens you will have the power to heal and overcome obstacles.

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Happy new year dear💙

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