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Don't compare yourself to others you have no idea what their journey is all about.

Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 08 12 2017
Two Wolves

  https://vimeo.com/247370295     This post was an inspiration of the Story of the two wolves. I basically created my own version of the video and I truly hope you enjoy watching it. I decided to create this because while...

Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 03 12 2017
Mind Over Matter

  I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while but I never had the right words to start it. Since I started blogging I decided to try again and I hope I get it right this time. In...

Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 27 11 2017

  It was a Saturday night and I was walking on the crowded streets, truly enjoying the Christmas vibes. With all the beautiful decorations, amazing street performances and the excitement on the children's eyes. The thought of you suddenly popped...

Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 27 11 2017

Dear 16-Year-Old Me, I Don’t think Teenagers heed advice, but I’ll tell you this much and I truly hope you pay attention. Your Family is not trying to fight you they want what’s best for you, just listen. Friends come...

Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 27 11 2017
True Joy

  For the past couple of days, for some particular reason I’ve been wondering what is the true meaning of joy? I came up with beautiful theories that really explain what true joy means to me. I’m not perfect trust...

Posted by Shaikha Al-Thani | 27 11 2017
Just Walkaway

  Toxic relationships will eat you alive. Sometimes, people refuse to see the bad in something or someone until it completely destroys them. Whether it’s a relationship or a friendship or anything that simply makes you feel unworthy, horrible and...

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