It was a Saturday night and I was walking on the crowded streets, truly enjoying the Christmas vibes. With all the beautiful decorations, amazing street performances and the excitement on the children's eyes. The thought of you suddenly popped up in my head and I shivered in this cold freezing weather.

It’s hard when you talk to someone every day and all the time and about everything and then suddenly you stop talking for no particular reason. If I had a time machine I’d go back in time and do things differently. Who am I kidding there’s no such thing as a time machine and I believe that’s the beauty of life.

Maybe you only get to experience or live a certain type of experience once whether it’s good or bad. Your perception of me made me live in doubt, mostly in everything I do or say. If anything, I understand now that you wanted me to question and doubt my abilities.

Your unwanted doubtful negative perception made me realize the importance of my own opinion. Thank you because I’m stronger than I ever was. If anything, I owe you a thank you because now I never question myself and I’m confident enough to try what you once called the impossible. What I’d really love to talk about in this particular piece is perception.

So, let me ask you this, since when is being nice to people means that you want something from them? 

Since when is kindness is considered as the new fake? Since when is being insensitive is suddenly attractive? If I did you a favor, I simply did it because I wanted to even if your intentions were to use me or take it for granted. The nicest way I could put this is that no matter how pure your intentions are people will always assume the worst why is that?

So, here’s a solution screw what they think. You don’t need anyone’s permission to be kind or smart or successful or simply to do good things to this world.

All you need is a goal and a beautiful determined mindset that will take you there. Stay connected to the good things that’s happening in this world and offer a hand to help others be as positive and as educated as you are. In other words, update your mindset too not just your iPhones. And never ever compare your own progress to someone else because you are your own competition.





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