The girl that lost her light

The girl that lost her light

It was a sunny day, the girl was sitting on a bench at this beautiful, peaceful, busy park. While sitting there, she got lost in her own thoughts. “You got sad eyes” a stranger who decided to sit next to her stated while staring deeply into her eyes. She looked at him for a slight second and then looked away. He was still starring at her and waiting for a reply, a few minutes passed by to her these minutes seemed like hours. He was persistent for a reply, he even smiled at her, but she never looked him in the eyes. She grabbed a bag of chips from her bags, opened it and placed it in the middle and then she sighed. 

“It’s been a bad week” she reluctantly and shyly responded, as a tear fell down her cheek, her soft voice cracked as she struggled to complete the sentence.  As she continued telling him how bad university had lately been, her eye twinkled; almost as if her whole life flashed before her. Her tears began to flow as she helplessly attempted to stop her tears by gazing up to the sky. He moved to sit closer to her, extended his hand, smiled and said, “everything will be okay”. she continued informing him of how much self-doubt she had eating her up from the inside, the uncertainty of her future and the constant doubt thrown at her from those that were meant to support her the most. By this stage, she had extended her hand back to the stranger and for a moment – just a moment – she felt she was understood.   

“Sweetheart, believe me I understand it’s not easy and it’s challenging but isn’t that the beauty of life.” The stranger stated that bluntly. “You have a point” she replied quietly trying to end this conversation after she felt this sudden awkwardness. “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable” he claimed. “Young lady, you remind me of myself when I was your age, if you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you a story of a man that I used to know” he smiled and then looked at her. She hesitated for a bit and the stranger sensed that and then bravely the girl asked” why do I remind you of yourself?” The stranger stated you’ll know once I share the story.” She made herself comfortable and then stared at him and said” Sure, my curiosity is killing me, go ahead.”

He smiled and then said, “I knew a you man, who was driven, ambitious, smart and genuinely kind. However, he lived his life based on creating timelines on certain things he wanted to achieve.  Whenever, a timeline passed and he didn’t get to where he wanted to be, he devalued himself, labeled himself as a failure, pressured himself and he always felt misunderstood. He never gave himself credit for anything. People admired his ambitions and the fact that he was able to raise a child alone. The fact that he was always around to help others when they needed him. He had so much potential, creativity and love for his work. This was all gone to waste because he underestimated himself, he didn’t realize his own worth. Yet he always stated he’s misunderstood because he doesn’t want to deal with the root of the problem.” The girl sighed “What happened to him?”

The stranger stated” He woke up, the minute his colleague pointed out that maybe he has a problem with communicating or with delivering a message. His colleague also pointed out that he needs to give himself some credit.  As simple as these two sentences are, they had the power to change his life. That’s because the man started to notice the positive’s that he’s blessed with and he started to be more appreciative and thankful towards life. He took his time; he didn’t care about timelines no more and he developed at his own pace. He raised his daughter happily and he became very successful career wise.” Happily, the girl stated what happened to him now. The Stranger happily stated” He’s talking to a beautiful young lady in the park, what I’m trying to tell you is somehow things will work out but never discredit or doubt yourself.”

P.S: A new friend of mine helped me write this blog post I truly hope you enjoy reading it.  ♡

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