The Innocent One 

The Innocent One 

Walking around the crowded campus, hardly noticed, unseen, Invisible as if she was a ghost. 

unnoticed, mysterious, quiet, unpredictable, confusing, ambitious, determined, daring and very hard to talk to, that’s what the idea of her was or meant to you.  

Her reality was astonishing though, people often took her kindness for granted. Labelled her as an attention seeker. Stated she was weak, not smart enough and will never survive in this world alone. Despite her popularity and her beauty, she had lost her confidence and started to believe all the shallow, negative lies and gossip that’s been spread about her. She began to lose or let go of her purpose and her smile slowly started to fade away. 

She was beautiful, kind, adventurous, strange, unexplainable, full of life and love and she was kind of dark at the same time. People thought she was flawless but, yet they always criticized her personality. In reality though, her only fault was being present atthe wrong place at the wrong time.

Unexpectedly and unintentionally, in a cloudy dark night she fell in love with a dark soul filled with unknown obscurity, gloom and darkness.  He had the worst intentions he was filled with hate, anger resentment and mystery. Why me she asks, and his reply was because your too innocent it’s time for you to live a little. 

He had the worst reputation of all times. People often described him as an angry lunatic who had no goals in life. They described him as the tough guy who’s always rude and upfront and stated that he cares about no one but himself. 

In reality though, he was smart and super opinionated, and people considered that his opinions were too blunt. He’s a private person with big ambitions but lacks the ability to share.  

She may have lost her innocence, but despite his intentions she showed him how to love again. With him being around she gained confidence, love, re-found her purpose and most importantly she never doubted herself again. 

He slowly started to let go of his anger, accepted his past, was honest about his previous intentions, loved her endlessly and learned how to trust again. 

This maybe in the form of a story but what I’m trying to say is that people often assume and judge others without truly knowing what their all about and this isn’t right. As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. Same strategy applies to people have a conversation with one another first, get to know what the person is all about then form an opinion. 

“Truth hurts: Doubt ruins, Lie destroys.”

“If you didn’t see it with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears. Don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.”

“Before you assume try this crazy method called asking.”

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

“Those who judge will never understand, and those who understand will never judge.”

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This is so thoughtful Shaikha! We shouldn’t be too quick to judge people.

Exactly ♡…

Honest people have this problem of getting misunderstood by others, I feel. Only we have to learn how to manage this. Love reading this post.

True when someone misunderstands something they often assume or judge and they usually don’t know the full story. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this post thank you…♡

What a beautiful write. I love your style

Thank you I appreciate it 🌹

My pleasure

Truth hurts: Doubt ruins, Lie destroys.👌
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.👌

I’m glad you liked this post 🌹

Beautifully written.. A thoughtful post! I agree many of us are so quick to judge others and try to define them from our perspective without knowing their story!!

Exactly. I’m glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your support it means a lot to me ♡…

Hello Shaikha,

impressive post.People like to judge, because they compare others with them. Most people think that their life should be role model for others.If I like something that does not mean that is nice, or ok, that is only my opinion or taste.We need a lot of effort to change that habit. I love quotes 🙂 Keep writing

Hi Ben,

Thank you I’m glad you liked it. I agree with what you stated its about perspective thank you again for all your support ♡♡

Fabulous post

Thank you so much I appreciate it.♡♡

Thank you for sharing this thoughtful post. Loved to read your wise thoughts

Oh Thank you that means so much to me I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post. ♡ ♡

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