The Opportunist

The Opportunist

He was a dreamer, an opportunist, a person with a true gift, courageous, charming, diplomatic, sincere, adventurous and upfront. He was a man of a few words, he gets lost in books easily stating they were there when no one else was. He was considerate, well-behaved, mature, self-motivated, talented, smart, and had an interest in almost everything. To the world, he seemed inexperienced, shy, troubled, unimaginative, irresponsible, average, absentminded, harsh and condescending.  To him the world was, unseen but somehow beautiful, it was strange, civilized but somehow barbaric, it was a free phenomenal modern world.  He was never inactive, lazy, sluggish, slow, or lifeless however, he had a tendency of getting himself into unwanted or awkward situations that always lead to trouble. 

The boy was always calm, quiet, patient and reluctant even though the world was unfair to him in so many ways he managed to remain calm but vindictive and vengeful. The type or state of calm that leads to a deadly, dangerous, detrimental and corruptive storm.  He was a huge believer of karma whenever he was mistreated, labelled, misunderstood, accused, blamed, hurt or made fun of he always told himself let karma do its thing till one day enough was enough. No matter how hard he tried to stay out of trouble, he was always labelled as the class weirdo, nobody got to truly know him for who he really was and that made him feel unappreciated and bullied. The boy was respectful and well behaved, but he was labelled as the scared coward because of his mysteriousness and his silence. They misread his respect and silence and assumed that he was fearful and weak.  Gradually and unintentionally the boy started to change, he became hot-headed, short tempered, moody, angry, easily annoyed, irritated, violent and hateful. 

He was always treated unfairly, and that made the boy decide to play the same unfair twisted game. He was still the same opportunist, charming, sincere, upfront, courageous, smart, true gifted dreamer although when someone intentionally decides to hurt him, he then transforms into the hulk.  When someone challenges him, life taught the boy to fight back and be brutal. The boy then said to himself I’ll never start a fight but I’ll never back down from one either. He also said I’ll walk a mile to avoid a fight but when one starts, I won’t back down an inch. 

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