True Joy

True Joy


For the past couple of days, for some particular reason I’ve been wondering what is the true meaning of joy?

I came up with beautiful theories that really explain what true joy means to me.

I’m not perfect trust me and I’m not trying to be. Joy to me is all about living your life with no expectations when it comes to others, it’s about self-acceptance, freedom of expression, endless adventures, love and not hate, being appreciative not judgmental, it’s all about being fair not dishonest, rude or disrespectful. that’s the meaning of joy to me, I wonder what’s true joy to you?

Joy is all about self-acceptance, self-love, self-development and courage. It’s about understanding the fact that people are different. What makes me happy, might irritate or annoy others and what annoys others might interest me. Joy comes from within first it comes from how a person feels about her or himself and if that person truly accepts everything about his or herself.

In other words, joy has nothing to do with beauty because everyone is beautiful in their own bazar and mysterious way.

Joy is no matter how hard people try to throw shade about you. You will smile, ignore and walk away from such nonsense. Most importantly you will give yourself the opportunity to heal and in the right time you will forgive them and let go. Not because your weak or afraid or bitter but because your wise enough to understand that you deserve way better than to hold on to a poisonous or a toxic memory.

Joy is when you enjoy life and each day as it is without worrying or planning for tomorrow. It’s about appreciating the small things and staying thankful and humble for all the countless blessings. The air we breathe is a blessing, our eyes is a blessing and so many other things. Joy is when you breathe in happiness and strength and breathe out wisdom and peace.

Joy is when you know no matter how hard you fall or screw up, someone will pick you up or become a shoulder that you could lean on. Most importantly, joy is when you truly believe that no matter how hard you fall you’ll be able to get back up again and achieve the impossible simply because you put your mind, heart and soul into it.

Joy is when you truly believe no matter how hard and ugly your day gets it will somehow get better, because of your prayers and your true genuine beliefs. It’s like the saying there’s light at the end of every tunnel, just keep moving.

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