Two Wolves

Two Wolves




This post was an inspiration of the Story of the two wolves. I basically created my own version of the video and I truly hope you enjoy watching it. I decided to create this because while growing up I came across this story like a million times but I never truly understood the true concept of the story till I went to college.


It hit me then because I realized that there’s no such thing as evil in this world. We choose to be wicked, unpleasant, horrible, black-hearted and malicious. Whether it was an unpleasant situation that made us turn that way or not we chose to be vengeful. Where did that get us though it’s useless all this negativity is going to waste. I guess what I’m trying to say is make a wise choice, choose the wolf that will protect you compassionately no matter what.

Choose the wolf that will make you stick to your morals, be kind to the world because of your humanity but at the same time you will never be afraid of standing up for yourself and for what you believe in.  Our thoughts can be our own worst enemy if we simply let them. Therefore, stop allowing your negativity to take over your mind and your entire life after all you only live once it’s really not worth it.


Back to my question though, which wolf wins?

It’s the one that you feed, it’s a shocker I know. Let me put it to you this way no matter where you are in life right now whether your confused, happy, struggling or sad. You are the Batman or the Commander of your own life and your day. You can begin your day feeling angry or grumpy or basically hating someone for some particular reason but it’s totally in your hands to turn this around. Honestly you can turn this around and start feeding your good wolf you’ll then impact not just our own life but everyone around you. So, I’ll tell you this again choose wisely trust me.

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